Serving the residents of the Town of Sprague with Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Baltic Fire Engine Co. #1 is to provide the Town of Sprague and surrounding areas with fire suppression, rescue, forestry, public outreach/education, and BLS level emergency medical services at the highest level of proficiency and professionalism possible.

We aren’t looking for heroes, Just neighbors.

What if you called 911 and nobody came??

Many citizens are unaware that Sprague’s Fire and Emergency services are provided entirely by Volunteers. Year after year men and women like you provide an invaluable service to their neighbors when they are needed most. For over 155 years the members of the Baltic Fire Engine Co. have answered the call and provided prompt and professional service to Sprague and its surrounding communities. Now more than ever we are in need of volunteers to fill our ranks.

Please stop by the station located at 22 Bushnell Hollow Rd. Baltic, CT during our drills Mondays at 10:00AM and 6:30PM or anytime you see a vehicle in the parking lot for a tour and information. If you have any questions or would like details please feel free to contact Chief Bob Tardiff at or (860) call or text.

Volunteerism in modern America is unfortunately on the decline, and small rural communities like our own are often affected the most.

Our Ambulance is a Paid-on-call service, with need for certified and non-certified personnel. Training is free and provided by the Department.

Benefits include:
– Free training
– Up to $1000 town property tax   deduction
– Free annual physicals

The Company is always seeking any interested applicants to join our team!
Please apply today!

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Company Officers 

Bob Tardif


Ronney Willson 


Brandon Gifford

Engine Lt.

Marry Fusco


John Dunn

Tower Lt.